Who We Are

San Mateo County Fire Department has dedicated local firefighters with the backing of CAL FIRE. CAL FIRE is the second largest fire department in the the United States and the largest resource fire department in the world.

San Mateo County Fire responds to structure fires, wildland fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous material spills, swiftwater rescues, cliff rescues, floods, and earthquakes.



Our firefighters receive world-class training locally and from one of California’s largest firefighter training facilities. The State Fire Marshall, as part of Cal Fire, develops high standards of training for CAL FIRE and local government agencies. This allows firefighters from multiple agencies to work together under the same level of training.




In 1997, San Mateo County Fire Department and American Medical Response (AMR) joined  in a collaborative public/private partnership for Advanced Life Suppor (ALS).  San Mateo County Fire Department continues to provide Advanced Life Support with a paramedic on each engine and strives for the highest levels of emergency medical care.







Our firefighters work 3 days straight, as opposed to the standard 2 day firefighter schedule. Working more for less saves San Mateo County Residents money on a high level of emergency service.










Wildland fires are only 5% of the emergencies that CAL Fire responds to. However, California’s devastating fires have made CAL Fire a leader in large scale disaster management. In the event of an Earth Quake, San Mateo County Firefighters will respond with experience and the backing of the largest resource fire department in the world.

Cost saving with a large department makes training, specialized equipment, and local services affordable.




It’s not uncommon for permanent San Mateo County Fire Department firefighters to spend over 10 years preparing as volunteer firefighters, seasonal firefighters, firefighters in other agencies, EMT’s, and paramedics.















Lives on Fire followed four of our female firefighters to show what it’s like to be a California firefighter.

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